Thursday, February 24, 2011


I'm not even going to try and play catch up and post Christmas pics...well maybe a few. But only b/c they're photos of my boys who are so dang cute, I just can't not post pics of them.

DD and his new slippers from Holland...really not just made in Holland but bought in Holland.

B1 and his octopus...that starts out small, but you stick it in water and it grows 600%! At least that's what the package claimed.

What my hair is looking like these days....the growing out continues. And I don't do ANYTHING TO IT....not even a hair dryer. Awesome. I know you're jealous.

DD versus the Kleenex box. I'm pretty sure DD won this bout. But I sure did stuff those unused tissues back into the box!

My first ever batch of chocolate covered strawberries. SUCCESS! And so easy. If I knew it was that easy, I would have done it a long time ago. Nothing is better than the chocolate-strawberry combo...Okay, so maybe the Chocolate Coconut Cream Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. Oh. My. Goodness.

"Yo. Be my valentine. You can't resist this."

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fall Fun

These are kind of in reverse chronological order. So the most recent pics are from turned out to be pumpkin day. First we made the dough for our sugar cookies, then stuck it in the fridge to chill. Then on to a run in the park. Yes, I said RUN. Like for the first time in 8 years...not really, but almost, and it definitely felt like it!

Then on to pumpkin carving. We still have a big one waiting to be cut into...maybe tomorrow. Who says you have to have your pumpkin carved in time for Halloween? Maybe we'll make it our Thanksgiving pumpkin.

Then to roll and cut the cookies. Add some orange food coloring to one batch, a little blue to half of the other batch...b/c Bo saw those real bluish-gray colored pumpkins at the pumpkin patch and said we had to make some that color too!

One mouth completely stuffed with cookie, the other laughing b/c Mommy finally let him have a cookie!

Batman sin the mask, and his pumpkin.

At Dewberry Farms, with our MOPS group. We had a blast, with the exception of it being an extremely windy day and we would often get blasted with dirt blowing through the farm. I think I was covered with a layer of grit when we got home.

We rode out to the pumpkin patch on what me and a friend deemed the "immigration bus" (basically a tractor pulling a big covered wagon). If we had shoved about 50 more people in the back, a few dogs and some chickens, and were crossing the border, we would have been spot on.

"I am the ruler of this pumpkin patch! I will strike you down with this pumpkin if you dare cross me!"

This was not at the farm. Mr. T-Rex was at the zoo (from May to end of October)! It was a neat little display, although it would have been cooler if they moved a little bit more. They did make sounds though, and one even had a nest of baby dinosaurs that moved and made squeaky baby dinosaur noises. There were signs explaining what kind of dinosaur each one was, when and where it lived, what it ate, etc. They even had a couple of spitting dinosaurs...that Bo avoided.
Because it was October, the zoo had a small pumpkin patch set up. My boys weren't too thrilled with it as you can see.

Bo riding a legless dinosaur. : )

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Meeting God

B1 and I had a great conversation at breakfast this morning. (After the 10 minute long debate about having 3 snacks for school instead of just 2...and yes, I gave in and gave it to him.) We were talking about the Bible and ended up on Revelations...again.

Me: The Bible is true.

B1: But it is not real.

Me: Yes it is.

B1: It's not real, like me and you.

Me: Oh, you mean like alive, living.

B1: Yeah.

Me: No it's not....well, actually the Bible says that God's Word is living and active. It's doesn't breathe or need to eat or grow. But it's alive in a different way.

B1: (look on his face like "I don't understand".) It has an ending.

Me: Yeah. You know what happens at the end? Jesus comes back to take everybody who believes in him to heaven! That's in Revelations.

B1: Up is space.

Me: Huh?

B1: If you go up from earth, you go to space.

Me: Do you think we'll go through space to get to heaven?

B1: Yeah.

Me: I don't know. I don't think so, but we'll see.

A few moments later...

B1: I'm gonna be shy.

Me: When you meet God?

B1: Yeah.

Me: That's okay.

B1: Not a lot shy. Just a little.

Me: What are you going to tell Him?

B1: About when the hurricane came at our old house, on the old earth, and we had candles.

Man, I love that kid.

Monday, September 13, 2010

How do teenage boys show they love you?

By secretly camping out on your front lawn, of course!

It was a normal Saturday. Breakfast was done. And playtime was beginning. Then, a knock on the 8:30 AM. Robert prepared himself for combat with the Jehovah's Witnesses. Instead, there were 4 teenage guys and a tent in our front yard!

These guys are part of an accountability group that Robert is leading...guys from the school, where he teaches. They decided that it would be quite comical to secretly camp out in our yard. And it was! They had pitched their tent shortly after 1 AM. We had no idea.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Got Goggles?

Who knew goggles could be so much fun outside of the pool?


Not so cute.

"This is how I roll."

Umm...playgirl bunny? Hopefully not.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First Day of Pre-K

For the past several weeks, we have been talking to "The Boy One-der" about going to know, to prepare him for something new. Well, he has been super excited. I was telling him some different rules he would probably have to follow and activities that he would probably do, and he was begging me to tell him more! So I haven't been really anxious about him being scared. I guess I was on the other side of fearing he would like it so much, he wouldn't want to be at home (especially with the possibility of homeschooling next year)!

I put an alarm clock in his room, and set it for 6:30. Sidenote: We have NOT been on the early rising side. I hear the alarm going off and go to see if it actually woke him up. He was awake, and after a minute got quickly out of bed. I went back to our bedroom for something, and upon returning down the hallway, I'm met with B1 still in his pajamas, but with his tennis shoes and bookbag on, ready to leave for school. I had to laugh to myself. "We have to eat breakfast first and get your school clothes on." "Oh, okay!"

He had a great first day. He learned some Spanish, checked out a Clifford book from the library, and played some animal game in gym. He also played legos and made a crane.

He was even more excited when I told him that he was going back to school tomorrow! Too cute.

I had mixed emotions. A little sad that I'm not going to know everything that he's done on those days. I have to rely on a 4 yr old's details of a school day. I'm not too sad, b/c of the possibility of homeschooling next year...he might be at home with me again. And I'm not too sad, b/c I'm excited about my new free time! Not super free, b/c I still have "The Daring Deuce" at home, but everybody who has more than one, knows that one is much easier than two! And with him napping, I'll be able to get some stuff done. It's probably good that he's still napping twice a day...if not, I would be really tempted to be out shopping more than I have money to spend!
So here's to my sweet boy's year at PreK and mommy's new free time!

All dressed up and on the way to PreK!

"Normal pic with brother"

Brothers saying "cheese" (this was a brand new trick for DD.)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Fresh start

Obviously, posting after baby #2 came has been few and far between. But here's to a fresh start. I'm changing a few things, updating here and there, and figuring out some things. Meanwhile, here's a pic of the birthday boy, who turned 1!